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Medicover Benefits combines many years of experience in creating and managing benefit programmes with Medicover’s more than twenty years of experience, trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers. We provide HR departments with a modern and unique system for managing non-financial benefits and building engagement. Our Medicover Benefits platform is both a benefit cafeteria and a wellbeing solution, thanks to which you can appreciate your employees, take care of their development, improve communication and build a corporate community.

Our aim is to support employers in motivating and building employee engagement. We help HR departments automate processes, administer non-financial benefits and improve reporting. We also give employees the opportunity to tailor benefits to their needs and current stage of life. With our platform, they can develop their passions and interests and actively spend their free time.

In line with the highest standards

Safe cooperation with Medicover Benefits is confirmed by the following certificates obtained:

  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification – demonstrates that our systems, procedures and internal policies meet the highest market standards and are subject to continuous improvement.
  • ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management Systems certification – identifies best practices that help organisations respond effectively to threats and restore the organisation’s ability to operate again.

Medicover in Poland

For 27 years, Medicover’s operations in Poland have focused on services: from health to wellbeing. The company’s portfolio includes preventive and outpatient care services, specialised healthcare, innovative dental services, advanced in vitro procedures, as well as wellness solutions including sports and diet. Medicover operates medical centres, multi-specialty hospitals, pharmacies, infertility clinics, dental centres, optical salons, mental health centres, as well as fitness clubs and gyms throughout Poland. In addition, it offers sports and leisure packages and a modern, intuitive system for building employee engagement – the Medicover Benefits platform. Medicover is present in all regions of Poland.

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