Cafeteria system

The Medicover Benefits Cafeteria is a platform where employees themselves select the benefits they are interested in from a wide variety of offers. Using the benefits available on the platform is very easy. Employees receive a certain number of points from their employer and decide which benefits they will convert them into.

Sources of funding for benefits can be the Company’s Social Benefits Fund, current funds, and the employee’s private funds. The cafeteria helps employers to efficiently manage their non-financial benefits system. The employees can decide which benefits will work best for them.

What types of benefits does the cafeteria system offer?

The cafeteria system gives access to a broad and varied range of benefits. We have more than 500 partners. We are convinced that among so many offers there is something for everyone. Employees will find benefits in the following categories: Tourism, Sport, Child, Home, Fashion, Health, Beauty, Education, Culture and Entertainment. We are adding more attractive proposals every month.


What else does the cafeteria system offer?

Easy management of the Social Fund

Easy management of the Social Fund

Using the Medicover Benefits platform, you gain the access to a wide range of benefits and also assistance in the management of the Company Social Fund. Our system easily defines the process of purchasing benefits within the framework of the ZFŚS funds. In addition, you will quickly and conveniently prepare a report on the use of available benefits and control the use of the budget.

HR department support

HR department support

The benefit system is also a great support for HR departments. It primarily saves time – due to the digitalisation and automation of processes – and also gives the HR department control over the processes. The analytical module allows ongoing monitoring of benefits purchase data (quantity, value, offer providers) and which points (ZFŚS, points bank, own funds) are used to pay for them by employees.

Cafeteria system advantages

  • Tailoring benefits to the diverse interests and needs of employees.
  • Increasing employee motivation, commitment and loyalty
  • Building a positive company image – employer branding; the company is perceived as an attractive place to work
  • Caring for the well-being of employees, which builds competitive advantage in the labour market
  • Savings – lower staff turnover and greater interest in recruitment
  • Budget optimisation – ongoing control over expenditure on non-financial benefits
  • Convenient accounting and management of the Social Fund
  • Streamlining reporting and planning
  • Mobile availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

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