Medicover Benefits Platform

It's a service that allows you to choose your own non-financial benefits, depending on your needs. We help you pursue your interests, passions, take care of yourself and your loved ones. You will find a wide range of benefits in the following categories: Tourism, Sports, Children, Home, Fashion, Health, Beauty, Education, Culture and Entertainment.... This catalogue is constantly being developed and more attractive offers are being added.


Available benefits

  • One-off benefits

    vouchers for cinemas, theatres, shops and much more…

  • Subscription benefits

    medical care, sports package, insurance

  • Discounts

    special offers on purchases in selected shops

Forms of financing

  • Social benefits bank

    Social benefits bank

    employer-funded budget – you can spend on benefits such as sport, culture, tourism, recreation

  • Points bank

    Points bank

    employer-provided budget – buy any one-off benefit with these funds

  • Own resources

    Own resources

    funds from your bank account, payment via PayU

What do you gain from the
Medicover Benefits platform?

  • the opportunity to choose the benefits that are most attractive to you
  • a wide range of benefits, with more than 500 partners in various categories
  • attractive discounts so that you pay less for your purchases
  • choice of benefit funding: Benefit Bank, Points Bank, own funds
  • immediate realisation of certain benefits – the platform is available 24/7

How do I buy a value code/voucher?

  • 1.

    The employer credits your account with points.

  • 2.

    You can now take advantage of the benefits made available to you.

  • 3.

    With a functional search engine and payment filter, you can easily check the available benefits and payment method: Benefit Bank, Points Bank.

  • 4.

    You choose the benefit you are interested in, select the delivery option and add it to your basket. You then indicate your payment method and confirm your order.

  • 5.

    Done! Now you can enjoy the benefit of your choice.


What else does the benefit platform offer?

With the Medicover Benefits platform you can develop your interests, spend time in an interesting way, take care of your needs and those of your loved ones and simply have fun!
Learn about some of the features of the Medicover Benefits platform:



Everyone likes to be appreciated, even the smallest praise gives us great joy and motivation.

Reflect on what your teammate or colleague has done exceptionally well, and express your gratitude by sending Kudos!



Effective training and onboarding, unique communication – what do they have in common? Gamification, i.e. having fun! Now boring tasks can be a fun adventure!

Gift whip-round

Gift whip-round

You can easily and quickly organise a fundraiser for special occasions such as birthdays, name days, anniversaries, promotions and more.

Download the app and have the benefits at your fingertips!

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