The Medicover Benefits platform offers:

  • Management of non-wage benefits
  • Automation of HR processes
  • Improve communication with employees

What will you find on the benefit platform?


Who is the Medicover Benefits platform for?

How to take care of the wellbeing of your employees?

Keeping employees physically and mentally well has a huge impact on how they do their jobs. Help them maintain the synergy between physical health and mental health and create a healthy organization.


Healthy relationships
Work-life balance


Health check
Movement – optimal exercise
A healthy way to eat

Check out our solutions to help you support employee well-being and build employee engagement.

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Discover how the Medicover Benefits platform supports effective benefits management:

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  • Gamification

    Use game mechanics to build
    engagement and performance

  • Collections

    Easily create employee collections
    for selected causes

  • e-Training

    Educate with innovative
    training tools


  • Mobile app

    Use the benefit platform on
    mobile devices – whenever you want

  • Wall

    Communicate effectively with your
    employees, provide them with important information

  • Survey module

    Create surveys and involve employees
    in decision-making processes


  • Cafeteria

    Give employees a choice
    of non-financial benefits

  • Kudos

    Recognise employees by posting praise
    on the platform’s wall

  • Dedicated benefits

    Streamline benefits handling processes
    financed by the Social Fund

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Who we are?

Medicover Benefits has been providing HR departments with state-of-the-art solutions for building employee engagement and optimising HR processes for over 10 years. Our platform, modern and technologically advanced, is distinguished by the highest level of security, confirmed by ISO certification. The Medicover Benefits team is composed of experts and specialists in creating dedicated IT services. We are one of the brands of Medicover, an international company that has been providing medical and diagnostic services in Poland and abroad since 1995.

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Healthy company

Medicover is a partner in building safety, health and employee engagement.

We support our clients in achieving their HR and business goals. We advise companies on dedicated solutions in three areas of health highlighted by the WHO: physical, mental
and social. We help employers strengthen their employees’ resilience and create safe working conditions for them.

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    Below you will find answers to the most common questions.

    What is a benefit/cafeteria platform?

    A cafeteria system is a tool through which an employee can select and purchase a non-financial benefit. It provides a variety of benefits and thus meets the individual needs of the employee. It is also a flexible motivational tool that can be easily modified to suit the requirements of the individual employer. Benefits that are partially or fully funded by the employer and independently and freely chosen by the employees, will increase job satisfaction, commitment and efficiency.

    What benefits will I find on the platform?

    On the Medicover Benefits cafeteria platform, you will find a rich and diverse selection of non-financial benefits, including: one-off benefits, subscription benefits, discounts and special offers. One-off benefits include e.g. tickets to cinemas, theatres, museums, vouchers to hundreds of online and stationary shops and for services such as medical, cosmetic or educational. Subscription benefits mainly include medical care, sports passes and insurance. Additionally, on our cafeteria platform, the employer can introduce dedicated benefits, e.g. holiday subsidies, purchase of glasses, employee loans and other benefits financed from the Company Social Benefits Fund.

    How do you build employee engagement on a benefit platform?

    The platform has many functionalities that help increase employee engagement. These include modules to recognise the employee, take care of their development and education, their physical and mental health, and their work-life balance (well-being). You can also reward the employee by giving them the freedom to choose and purchase benefits. The platform also allows you to build engagement within teams – gamification and collections modules, for example, serve this purpose.

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